Holding Politicians Accountable

About Every Voice

Americans know our democracy fails to live up to its promise when our political influence is measured by our net worth. Changing this game won’t be easy. The courts have allowed more big money in politics and rolled back protections for voters. Too many politicians offer lip service on the issue of money in politics while some even support handing our elections entirely over to big donors. The big banks, energy companies, and other industries and special interests act as if they own Washington, D.C. and our state capitals.

This is the next American crisis to boil over. This is our Goliath to slay. It will be challenging but we’ve confronted and won big fights like this before.

The peoples’ voices are the bedrock of democracy. We must have confidence in our own ability to make the political system work for all. We understand that the only way to pass laws to transform the flow of money into politics is by rolling up our sleeves and getting in the game.  Every Voice believes that money in politics reform is possible when we’ve built the political power necessary to overcome public cynicism, the self-interest of lawmakers elected under the current rules, and a well-financed and entrenched opposition.