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BIG NEWS: Organizing for Action joins New York Campaign Finance Reform Effort

From Politico:

The reconfigured Obama campaign is getting involved in a fight for campaign finance reform in New York and plans a conference call with grass-roots supporters Wednesday to urge action in the “fair elections” fight, POLITICO has learned.

Organizing for Action, the new incarnation of Obama for America, will send an email to its list later Tuesday about the call.

The email references New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who recently advocated for campaign-finance reform on a tele-town hall. State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, will also be on the call, according to the email.

Public Campaign Action Fund is part of the Campaign for Fair Elections in New York working to pass small donor public financing legislation to raise the voices of everyday people in the political process. OFA’s involvement gets us closer to victory. A win in NY could change what’s possible nationally when it comes to addressing big money influence in politics.

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