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Billion-dollar presidential race, are you kidding me? In 2016 that’ll be for starters. The country’s going to the highest bidder, I believe. Or it’s perceived to be going to the highest bidder. You’re going to have a few people who are able to play the game and that’ll be it.

- U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) on his support for a constitutional amendment to regulate campaign spending (Public News Service)

As governor of West Virginia, Manchin helped enact a public financing program for state Supreme Court races that allows candidates to run campaigns for office without having to rely on big donations from interests that might come before the Court.

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Washington Post: Why Dems are running against plutocracy

Read this story based on new Public Campaign Action Fund polling: 

"A new polling memo from Stan Greenberg’s Democracy Corps sheds some more light on this approach. Conducted with the Public Campaign Action Fund, it finds that in the 86 most competitive House districts, there is strong opposition across party lines to the McCutcheon decision — and strong support for efforts to reduce the influence over money in politics.”

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This campaign finance system … is in dire need of reform. Let’s get to the bottom of this (IRS) situation, but let’s also acknowledge that this money that is coming into the political system is a very threat to our ability, of this institution, to do the job that the people expect it to do and the Constitution requires us to do.
Rep. Peter Welch (D-Vt.) yesterday during A House Committee on Government Oversight hearing on the IRS. (Burlington Free Press)

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