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Huffington Post: Senate Candidates Actually Debate The Insidious Influence Of Money In Politics

The influence of money in politics was long treated as a side issue during the campaign season. But this year, in at least a half-dozen Senate races, large contributions to and big spending by independent super PACs and nonprofits have featured as key topics in candidate debates.”

Every Voice’s David Donnelly on why this might be:It’s an issue that appeals to conservatives as well as to progressives. It’s smart politics not just to blast money in politics but to say what you’re for.”

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You’ve heard about the Koch Brothers, but what about the Koch Sisters?

From the Washington Post:

In a departure from the ominous attack ads and fiery rhetoric (see Reid, Harry) that have dominated the anti-Koch playbook this year, the AFL-CIO is launching a lighter, more positive campaign featuring the “Koch sisters” — two women whose last names really are Koch. Their goal: Serve as a friendly counterbalance to the policies the other Kochs have championed.

"We’re just two average women who’ve raised families and worked hard all our lives," says Karen Koch in a 30-second TV ad that launches Thursday. Joyce Koch adds, “We don’t have billions to spend on political campaigns.”

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